Amélie Mauresmo files a complaint for moral harassment against her wife

In the midst of divorce proceedings, Amélie Mauresmo appeared on Wednesday before the criminal chamber of the Bayonne judicial court after filing a complaint against her wife Marie-Bénédicte Hurel (60 years old) for acts of moral harassment. During a hearing held behind closed doors, due to the complainant’s notoriety, at the request of her lawyer, the director of the Roland-Garros tournament explained that she was “going through hell”.

She denounces humiliation, blackmail and daily insults via SMS from her partner, with whom she has been in a relationship since 2014 and has two children, from the moment she chose to break up in February 2023.

On June 27, Amélie Mauresmo (44 years old) then went to the Biarritz police station to file a complaint after being prescribed a total incapacity for work (ITT) of ten days. Marie-Bénédicte Hurel was placed in police custody in Biarritz last September.

Ten months suspended prison sentence required

For her part, the defendant firmly disputes the facts. “As they lived under the same roof, the text messages do not constitute harassment at all. It’s a discussion, certainly lively,” said Mr. Thierry Sagardoytho in remarks reported by our colleagues at South West.

Marie-Bénédicte Hurel’s lawyer, associated with Me Marie-Thérèse Hounieu, evokes “the instrumentalization of an artificial complaint in the perspective of divorce” and pleaded for acquittal for his client. The prosecution requested a ten-month suspended prison sentence against Marie-Bénédicte Hurel. The verdict is expected on February 13, 2024.

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