Amendments to Labor System Violations and Penalties: Reduced Fines and Increased Safety Measures

2023-08-12 06:55:53

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development announced that it had made amendments to the schedule of violations and penalties of the labor system and its implementing regulations, which included reducing all fines by rates that exceeded 60%, and reached up to 80%, according to the classification of the establishment category, which depends on the number of employees in it.

Protection and safety rules

In the table of violations that it presented on the “Istiqla” platform, the Ministry reduced the fine for the employer’s non-compliance with the rules of protection, safety and occupational health from 10 thousand to 5 thousand for Class A facilities, from 5 thousand to 2500 for category B, and from 2500 to 1500 for category C. By “city”.

The Ministry reduced the fine for violating safety instructions for all categories of workers in the facility, from 5,000 to 1,000 for category A, from 2,000 to 500 for category B, and from 1,000 to 300 for category C. bad without taking the necessary precautions by reducing it from 3 thousand to 1000 for all categories.

Not providing medical insurance

The amendments included reducing the fine for failing to provide medical insurance for the worker and his family members from 10,000 to 1,000 for category A, from 5,000 to 500 for category B, and from 3,000 to 300 for category C, and the child labor fine from 20,000 for category A to 2,000 riyals, and an employment fine. Working women during the six weeks following childbirth to 1,000 riyals instead of 10,000.

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Violation of employing Saudi workers

A fine of 1,000 riyals was imposed for violating the employment of Saudi workers in activities restricted to Saudi female workers, instead of 10,000 for category A, 5,000 for category B, and 2,500 for category C. A fine of 3,000 riyals was also imposed for a violation of providing incorrect information to the Ministry, which entails obtaining On benefits and services instead of 20 thousand.

The fine for violating the employer’s doing any work that contains any kind of discrimination, whether against his workers or applicants for employment with him in terms of work conditions and controls, or when hiring or announcing it, or discriminating wages between workers, has also been amended by reducing it from 10 thousand to 3 thousand for the category. A, 5 thousand to 2000 for class B, and from 2500 to 1000 for class C.

Activities restricted to Saudis

The fine for violations of employing non-Saudi workers in professions or activities restricted to Saudis, non-compliance with nationalization rates for professions and activities issued by ministerial decisions, and the employer registering a Saudi worker among the establishment’s workers without performing actual work, has also been reduced from 20 thousand to 8 thousand for category A. And from 10,000 to 4,000 for Class B, and from 5,000 to 2,000 for Class C.

The Ministry also set a fine for non-payment of workers’ wages and dues in the official currency of the country on their due dates specified in their approved bank accounts, at 300 for all categories, as it was previously 5 thousand for category A, 3 thousand for category B, and 2000 for category C.

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