American rock singer Meet Luv dies

Euronews, an Arab satellite channel, broadcast clips of news of his death rock star American Meat Luv, whose album Bat Out of Hell was one of the best-selling records of all time, has died at the age of 74.

“It is with sadness in our hearts that we announce that the special Met Luv has passed away this evening, with his wife Deborah at his side,” a Facebook post read.

He noted that “his daughters, Pearl and Amanda, and his close friends have been with him for the last 24 hours.”

The publication did not specify the exact cause of the death of the singer, whose artistic name means in Arabic.meatloafReferring to the enormity of his physique

On the other hand, in one of the strangest decisions, the Mexican morality police asked the government to issue a ban on showing the films of the American rock and roll singer.Elvis Presley“Because it does not carry any message to the youth.

That was in the year 1959; where the morals police asserted that the films of the king of rock and roll invite chaos and riot; According to what was published by Akhbar Al-Youm newspaper in May of the same year.

A request was raised to ban these films after hundreds of young people, including university students, revolted during the screening of a film by “Presley” and exchanged throwing empty bottles and chairs, and some students tore the girls’ clothes who tried to get out of the cinema.

It is worth noting that Elvis Presley is one of the brightest stars in the music sky, who managed to occupy the top of artistic glory in the history of world music.

He was a fascinator for young people, who in his music motivated them to express their desires and feelings freely and boldly, which young people consider a role model for them, so many of them imitated him in his clothes, haircut and many other distinctive features of this star.

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