Aminata Touré, former Prime Minister of Senegal: “Macky Sall cannot run for a 3rd term”

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The former Prime Minister of Senegal (2013-2014) Aminata Touré gave an interview to France 24. While President Macky Sall cast doubt on a candidacy for a third term, Aminata Touré believes that the Senegalese constitution is “very clear” and that the Head of State absolutely cannot stand as a candidate in the presidential election scheduled for 2024. Denouncing an “unprecedented wave of repression”, she assures that “the Democrats” are ready to “face it “.

From the United Nations headquarters in New York, Aminata Touré assures that Senegalese President Macky Sall cannot run for a third term. “It would be a regression of Senegalese democracy”, whose model is “known throughout the world”, warns the former head of the Senegalese government.

This former faithful of President Macky Sall slammed the door of the majority in September 2022. Now a presidential candidate scheduled for 2024, Aminata Touré assures that Senegal is “effectively ready” to bring a woman president to the head of state. .

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