Amira Adeeb: Most of the clothes in his pocket were from people before me.. because

06:08 PM

Sunday 07 August 2022

Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajmi:

The young artist, Amira Adib, said that most of her clothes were used by others before her.

Amira stated, in a video clip via “Instagram Story”: “I laugh a lot when someone asks me about your T-shirt, where are you from?

She added: “I am not a human being who is purely simple with valuable needs and that’s why, I answer expensive clothes, not a need to simplify me, dress with my relatives is one of the basics of life, not a need that I love very much.”

She continued: “Because of this, I do not know most of the time. I tell you to wear this from where, because I myself do not know where he is from.

It is worth noting that Amira Adeeb recently participated in the series “Min Said”, which included a large group of young people, including Ahmed Dash, along with the great star Jamal Suleiman, and the artist Nadine.

Amira Adeeb is the daughter of artist Manal Salama and director Adel Adeeb, and she recently started her steps in the world of acting.

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