AMLO: Carmen Aristegui is regressing

After expressing in days past that Carmen Aristegui it causes “other people’s grief”, the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He assured that the journalist “is regressing.”

at your conference this monday morning in the National Palace, López Obrador criticized that Aristegui “trained” with the journalist Pedro Ferriz de Con.

When exhibiting in the Treasury Room a video of the former presidential candidate Ricardo Anayain which he criticizes the government’s oil policy and the “old ideas” of the president of Mexico, López Obrador said: “It is necessary to refresh the memory, no way that with Carmen Aristegui they will listen to this and it is not that I bring it with Carmen Aristegui, is that it is involuting”.

“I was remembering that Carmen Aristegui trained with Pedro Ferriz, this for young people; and this explains why now, in moments of definition, he regresses and assumes postures like those of Pedro Ferriz, always; Pedro Ferriz de Con”, added López Obrador.

When criticizing the hiring of the former head of the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT), Gabriel Contreras, by AT&T, President López Obrador also took the opportunity to mention Aristegui.

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“Do you remember how they created all the scaffolding of the so-called structural reforms, the communication reform, like the educational reform, like the fiscal reform, like the energy reform and everything for the benefits of minorities? In the case of communications, they said it was so that there would be no monopoly and they created autonomous organizations, all autonomous organizations, almost all of them, dominated by large corporations, it was supposed to be to avoid monopoly and they ended up managing the autonomous organizations employed by the corporations.

“A public servant has just left, adviser to one of these autonomous telecommunications organizations and is already working in a telephone corporation (…) a telecommunications company that is in the United States passes by, but do you remember how many people talked about this, like of the educational reforms, the tax reform, the energy reform, the media or most of the media on this subject. You spent a lot of time interviewing experts, Carmen Aristegui, and how did it all end? It was all a farce, a simulation,” said the President.

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