An actress needs gossip and I am Swasika who enjoys it

Being an actress requires gossip, I’m a person who enjoys it: Swasika

Actress Swasika says she enjoys gossip about her. Swasika said that it is good to have gossip and when you become an actress you have to have gossip.

The actor said that being in the news is a good thing and he has seen some scenes in Bollywood movies where the reporter is called and writes gossip and it is good to use it as a marketing idea. The actor said this in an interview given to Zee Malayalam.

“Gossip will come and go. I enjoy all the gossip. If you are an artist, you don’t need a few gossips. I have seen in some bollywood movies that they call the reporter and write some gossip about me.

Gossip can be used as a marketing idea. It is not a good thing that we are inundated with news. So there always seems to be someone. So I enjoy having gossip.

In any case, I enjoy negative publicity about us and negative stuff about my film. “It’s good for us personally that an artiste is full like this,” Swasika said.

Meanwhile, Chathur is Swasika’s last film to release. Roshan Mathew and Alencier were the other characters in the erotic genre film directed by Siddharth Bharathan.

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