An amazing trick to prepare crispy chips without soaking in oil.. learn it

Follow up – Ali Mualla:

Chips are an essential component of family home evenings, but eating chips in the market in large quantities may lead to major problems, including weight gain and high cholesterol.

And if you are looking for a healthy way to prepare chips at home without oil, here is how:

1. Cut a potato into very thin slices, like chips that we buy from the supermarket.

2. Put the potato slices in a bowl, add salt, black pepper and spices of your choice, according to the taste of chips you want to prepare.

3. Add a cup of water over the potatoes and leave the slices to soak with the spices for a whole night.

4. Drain the potatoes from the water well.

5. Lay a piece of cloth on the surface of the sink.

6. Put a thick sheet of paper on top of the cloth, then spread the potato slices on the paper, and dry them successively.

7. Arrange completely dried potato slices on a plate.

8. Put the dish in the microwave on medium heat for 3 minutes.

9. Remove the dish from the microwave and flip the potato slices to the other side.

10. Put the dish in the microwave again for 3 minutes.

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