An American broadcaster committed suicide before her wedding, and her last message to her fiancé reveals her motives

Al-Marsad Newspaper – Agencies: After the news of the suicide of the American news anchor, Nina Pachulky, weeks before her wedding, about a month ago, sparked a state of astonishment in the American street and among her family members, new details about her relationship with her future partner were revealed.

The Wisconsin news anchor texted her fiancé before shooting herself.

Before she pulled the trigger, the 27-year-old texted her fiancé Kyle Haas, saying, “I love you Kyle despite what you’ve done to me, sorry I’m going to do what I have to do, but I can’t stand the pain anymore.”

The death of the American anchor came just six weeks before her marriage to her fiancé, Kyle Haas, who is a divorced father of two children 11 years older than her.

While it was reported that her fiancé, who was weeks away from marrying him, had another affair, which caused her depression, according to the newspaper, “Daily Mail”, on Friday.

Also, the details confirmed that their relationship, over two years, was full of problems and was interspersed with alcoholism, which led to the deterioration of Nina’s psychological condition.

It was reported that Hass, 38, separated from Pachulky seven weeks before their wedding. He was traveling to Minnesota to visit his mother with his children from a previous relationship when he received the distressing text message.

It is reported that the anchor of the WAOW program on News 9, committed suicide on August 27, in an incident that shocked the American street, just 90 minutes after purchasing a gun and ammunition, according to a police report.

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