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700 beneficiaries of a medical caravan

by archyde
About 700 women and their children from the commune of Sebbah in the prefecture of Skhirate-Témara benefited, on Saturday, from a multidisciplinary medical caravan organized at the initiative of the Moroccan Association of Solidarity Mothers (AMMS).

Carried out within the framework of the agreement concluded between the AMMS, on the one hand, and the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH), the prefecture of Skhirate-Témara and the delegation of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection , on the other hand, this caravan aims to improve the access of women and children to specialized care.

These include early detection of breast and cervical cancer, nutritional deficiencies, anemia, diabetes, high blood pressure and treatment of infections, as well as comprehensive management of some children’s surgeries.

This caravan is the fifth of its kind organized within the framework of a voluntary medical program targeting seven rural communes of the prefecture of Skhirate-Témara, in particular women and children who have benefited from surgical interventions, indicated Naoual Reguig, representative of the Social Action Division at the prefecture.

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