Supporting the Just Palestinian Cause: HM King Mohammed VI’s Integrated Efforts Recognized

2023-09-06 23:29:26 This recognition highlights the integrated approach combining diplomatic and political efforts with action on the ground, led by HM King Mohammed VI, Chairman of the Al Quds Committee, to support the just Palestinian cause. This same support and praise was reflected in the statement issued from the eighth meeting of the “Arab Ministerial … Read more

Morocco’s Gaming Industry Soars: From Revenue Growth to the Ambitious City of Gaming Project

2023-09-06 18:34:12 As Morocco seeks to move forward to position itself in the big leagues in gaming, this industry continues to bring its best to the national economy. According to figures released by the “Statista” platform specializing in statistics, this sector has allowed Morocco to earn 218.5 million dollars in 2023, the equivalent of more … Read more

The Impact of Fuel Price Increases on Moroccan Consumers: An In-depth Analysis and Call for Transparency

2023-09-04 20:36:17 The association, in this note, indicates that “the Moroccan consumer supports the wave of successive increases in the prices of all food, industrial and service products”, adding that this situation exhausts his purchasing power. The document reveals that “the fuel market in Morocco is the main reason for all the increases. The national … Read more

Ministry of National Defense Denies Reports of Russian Drones Falling on Romanian Territory: Increased Vigilance Ensured

2023-09-04 20:21:18 “The Ministry of National Defense categorically denies reports that Russian drones fell on Romania’s national territory on the night of September 3-4,” the department said in a statement. “The offensive means used by the Russian Federation have not created an immediate military threat against the national territory or the territorial waters of Romania”, … Read more

Significant Increase in Turnover: A Analysis of Casablanca Coast’s Growth in the First Half of 2023

2023-09-03 20:28:30 The overall turnover of the Casablanca coast, for the first half of 2023, shows an increase of 5.4%, thus reaching nearly 147.3 billion dirhams against 139.7 billion dirhams during the same one-year period. previously, or 7.5 billion dirhams of additional turnover, supported by a price effect. In its new report “Evolution of half-year … Read more

Instagram’s Reels: Embracing Longer Durations for Influencer Content

2023-09-02 19:55:17 After the craze for short formats, Instagram seems to be betting on longer durations for its own formats, in particular Reels, these vertical videos largely influenced by TikTok. In the whirlwind of social media trends, a new evolution seems to be on the horizon. While short formats have dominated the digital landscape, a … Read more

Moscow’s Veto: UN Sanctions and Controversies Surrounding Malian Junta’s Plea for Relief

2023-08-31 19:31:58 Moscow, an ally of Bamako, vetoed Wednesday a UN Security Council Resolution extending sanctions against Malians threatening peace in the country, which the Malian junta called for the lifting. The Resolution which planned to extend for one year the sanctions regime put in place in 2017 against individuals endangering the 2015 peace agreement, … Read more

International Condemnation of the Military Coup in Gabon: France, UK, China, US, and UN Express Concern

2023-08-31 19:31:58 “France condemns the military coup that is underway in Gabon,” government spokesman Olivier Véran said on Wednesday, reaffirming that Paris is “monitoring developments in the situation very carefully. “. Earlier, the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, had signified it in front of the ambassadors and ambassadors of France gathered in Paris. French diplomacy “reaffirms … Read more