An Arab country announces the imprisonment of one of its ambassadors in Italy… and reveals the accusation against him

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Public Prosecution in Libya announced the imprisonment of the Libyan ambassador to Italy, who had been suspended from work, on charges of “violating the allocations for providing medical services” to Libyans sent for treatment in Italian hospitals.

And the Libyan Attorney General’s office stated in a statement on its Facebook page: “The Public Prosecution addressed the facts, which were contained in the complaints submitted by the families of children sent for hospitalization in Italian hospitals, towards some members of the Libya mission entrusted with controlling the administrative and financial work in the approved country.” , according to the “middle gate”.

The statement indicated that the Public Prosecution Office discussed the circumstances and circumstances of “the infringement of the allocations for providing medical services, and determining the aspects of disposing of its value other than the destination through which it was intended to achieve a public interest.”

According to the investigations, “there is a sinful behavior in the actions of the suspended head of the mission (the ambassador), and some of his assistants, which has resulted in harm to those entitled to medical service when processing their procedures, and achieving material benefits for others in violation of the legislation.”

The Public Prosecution noted that it undertook the interrogation of the head of the mission, on the third of July, and confronted him with the evidence against him in connection with the “crime of misusing the powers of the position assigned to him for the purpose of achieving material benefits for others.”

While the interrogation, according to the Libyan Public Prosecution, included “the facts of disposing of wills collected in violation of the legislation governing financial work, and deliberately harming public money and the public interest by disposing of hundreds of thousands of euros, without adhering to the controls that guarantee their maintenance, and the realization of illegal financial gain that reached him.” Through the work of his job,” the investigator ended up holding him in pretrial detention.

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