An arrest warrant was issued for Anna in the Lottery Thip case. Send a representative to clarify tomorrow.

Arrest warrant issued for Anna in the Lottery Thip case, the person who is abroad Prepare to send representatives to clarify tomorrow. Ta Boy Scout gave a denial. Police prepared a clear press conference.

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On May 24, 2022, Anna-Warintorn Watsang prepares to send representatives to meet with the police. after the court approved an arrest warrant In the case of Mr. Phanthawat Nakvisut or North Division Plus, report the blame after having a part in making a website selling Tip Lottery Selling government lottery tickets but no real leaves which Anna is currently abroad

By the past afternoon Thonglor Police Station arrested Winrawee Yaisamer or Ta Boy Scout in the Thip lottery case. Discussion continues to deny all charges. and have a lawyer submit a bail of 7.5 thousand baht before escaping the media behind the police station Investigators scheduled to meet again next month. Meanwhile, Min Buri Police Station has arrested Ms Mintra Chunsawad, another suspect on an arrest warrant.

read news The minute the police detain ‘Ta Boy Scout’ in the Thip Lottery case, denounce all three charges.

for that anna The representative will have an official press conference tomorrow (25 May) again to clarify all the facts. Tomorrow, the police will announce the arrest of this case at the Thonglor Police Station as well.

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