Al-Manar Sports website » Lebanon is in the third group of the Asian Cup U-17 Qualifiers

On Tuesday morning, the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, held the draw for the Asian Cup U-17 Qualifiers, which will be held in 2023 in Bahrain. Lebanon is among the third group hosted by the Sultanate of Oman, which includes besides Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon, Qatar and Iraq.

The teams were divided into 10 groups, and the leader of each group qualifies for the Asian Cup finals in Bahrain, in addition to the five best teams that get second place and Bahrain, which plays the qualifiers in a friendly manner, and the qualifiers will be held during the period from 1 to 9 October 2022.

The first group will host the Jordanian capital Amman, which includes Jordan, Turkmenistan, the Philippines, Syria and Japan. The second group included Indonesia (hosts), the Emirates, Guam, Palestine and Malaysia.

And came in the fourth group Saudi Arabia (host), Kuwait, Maldives, Myanmar and India.

The fifth included Bangladesh (hosts), Bhutan, Singapore and Yemen. And sixth is Vietnam (hosts), Nepal, China, Taipei and Thailand.

Australia (hosts) came in Group G along with the Northern Mariana Islands, Cambodia and China.

As for Tajikistan (hosts), it fell in Group H along with Mongolia, East Timor and Afghanistan.

And in the ninth group came Kyrgyzstan (hosts) with Hong Kong, Laos and Iran.

The 10th group draw resulted in Uzbekistan (hosts), Brunei Darussalam, Sri Lanka and South Korea.

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