Carole Rich’s new appointments

The singer from Gruyère is back in service this summer with her appointments from the heart. They will take place on a dance bridge in the canton of Fribourg.

“I came down from the mountain after 11 years at Moléson. The idea was to find something a bit special. Thanks to the GPS, I took the wrong road and arrived at Les Arbognes,” says Carole Rich. The singer explains that she fell in love with the place and its old dance bridge, over 100 years old and protected by the Confederation. “There had to be a story.”

Each performance wants to be a moment of sharing and “of love, even for people who come alone.” The program will be composed around the 60s, “a nod to my 60s.” A new decade begins for the singer, who says she is “filled with love and joy. I have the chance to sing an audience, to share with an audience.” Its season will begin on June 22 and will last until September.

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