An Egyptian girl, like a mermaid from heaven, confesses in public.. This is what the neighbors did to me while I was in my underwear!! (shocking details)

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A twenty-year-old girl, Nourhan Essam, called for help from her father, who shockedly assaulted her.

The girl, who is a student at the Faculty of Commerce, said in press statements: I am 21 years old and I am a student at the Faculty of Commerce .. My mother and father are in disagreements, as my mother wants to separate, while my father wants her to give up half the apartment as well as sums of money, and I was surprised by him beating and kicking me In the absence of my mother at home.

She added: My mother underwent an operation in a hospital, but my father did not think to ask her, which made her angry and ask for a divorce, stressing that, after the recent events, she is now siding with her mother.

And she continued: Last Sunday, I finished my exams and went to visit my mother, who resides with my aunt after the recent disputes, then I came home and was surprised by my father with a sharp instrument in his hand.

And she continued: He remained lying on my body and did not care that I had shortness of breath and sometimes I used a sprayer, as he cut my nose, then cut my hair, then attacked my body and head.

And she added: After he finished beating me, he called my uncle and asked him to bring nurses from the psychiatric hospital, and he told people that I was crazy and out of a psychiatric clinic and said, “I will treat you like a girl from Mansoura (Naira Ashraf).

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And she continued: One of the neighbors heard my voice and kept knocking on the door hard, and my father put the cleaver on my stomach and threatened to kill me and opened the door, but I kept screaming until the neighbors came and rescued me and I was in my underwear.

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