An Emirati bride who takes off the dress of shame and confesses to all boldness.. Only a man from the sons of this country will satisfy my desire!! (scratchy details)

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The Emirati beauty expert, Badr Khalaf, a transgender woman, revealed that she wants a man from Saudi Arabia, especially the Bedouins, to satisfy her desire.

And she added, “The people of the desert in Saudi Arabia have a stubbornness that no one possesses. As for the rest of the Saudis, they do not have that virility, and only the people of the desert are able to satisfy the desires of women.”

This came during the Emirati beauty expert, Badr Khalaf, who celebrated his wedding, where he published a video clip, in which he appeared in a wedding dress using an application, and commented on the video with words that exposed him to wide criticism.

Badr published a video clip using one of the applications that relies on the makeup of the faces, showing the Emirati beauty expert wearing a white dress in the role of the bride, commenting on the video with a tweet in which he wrote: “By God, my marriage contract has been completed with Ben Jones Al-Otaibi, my Lord grant every girl the same for this moment, say Amen.” .

Badr’s video behind his presentation of sharp criticism, as the beautician provoked his followers with his words and looks, and among the comments that expressed the anger of its owners: “Why does the bride not wear her shoulder”, “He is a disgrace to society and Muslims? Where do you go away from the wrath of the Lord of the Worlds?” “I mean, we are His creatures, weary of our lives. Why do you come to us so much?” “Oh God!

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