An incident that shook Egypt.. A teenager had sex with his uncle’s wife until she gave birth to him, and when the husband discovered the incident, it was the end and it was not taken into account!!

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A sinful relationship arose between a 17-year-old boy and his uncle’s wife, who is 21 years old, which resulted in a child that the wife attributed to her husband, but the husband was not convinced of the child’s lineage to him, saying that he did not look like him and accused her of adultery and denied the child’s lineage to him in a lawsuit that ended with a sentence of imprisonment for the wife For two years, the wife ran away after being divorced.

A boy tried to kill his uncle’s wife in Egypt after he had a sexual relationship with her until the wife became pregnant and attributed the son to her husband. He discovered that the child was not his son because he did not look like him, so he divorced her.

The divorced mistress urged the boy to marry her, but he was afraid that his case would be exposed, so he decided to lure the child and strangle him and threw his body in a canal for fear of being exposed in front of his family and proceeded to kill his uncle’s wife and his mistress, so as not to reveal his secret, but she escaped from him and informed the police who arrested him.

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