An official tweet baffles Saudis about “Vimto syrup”

Saudi media reported that the Food Authority denied the existence of any danger to eating one of the most famous juices on the Saudi table during Ramadan, which sparked criticism from some.

Some of the tweeters expressed their astonishment at the authority’s talk about a “product saturated with sugars”, denying it the danger if it was drunk daily.

And local media quoted the authority as saying: “There is no danger in consuming Vimto drink daily.”

In response to this controversy, the authority said that it ensures the safety of additives to raspberry syrup before marketing it in the Kingdom, and advised to reduce the consumption of drinks with low nutritional value and containing high amounts of sugar.

However, the authority’s response, through a tweet to it, raised more controversy regarding the health benefit of this product, especially if it was taken daily in the month of Ramadan.

Two years ago, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority issued a clarification statement about “Vimto syrup”, after rumors circulated that it contained artificial colors that cause cancer.

At that time, the authority confirmed that all imported food products are examined to ensure that they conform to the approved specifications and requirements.

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