Andrew Bogut, his confession on the closet of Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson clearly finds himself ignored by the NBA franchises. On the sporting level, however, the coach participated in the renewal of the Golden State Warriors until his dismissal in 2014. And since then, he has never found any position. And Andrew Bogut has an idea to explain this shelving.

Former Dubs player, the Australian had the opportunity to evolve under the orders of the 57-year-old man. And unsurprisingly, the ex-interior thinks that the former leader is thus a victim of his very strong link with religion.

“I think everyone deserves a second chance, and eventually they will get one. But having such a strong religious aspect in a locker room, I think it’s a barrier to coming back to the NBA,” replied Andrew Bogut sur Reddit.

Indeed, Jackson still drags many pans. He said to himself that he used a “religious rhetoric in increasingly extreme ways” throughout his adventure in Golden State. And inevitably, the teams potentially interested in its services are cooled by such a reputation.

Especially that at the same time, stories “darker” with assistants under “The Devil’s Influence” exist … Suffice to say that his comeback in the NBA does not seem guaranteed.

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