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Patrycja Sołtysik is pregnant. The journalist’s wife announced the good news via Instagram. She published photos with a rounded belly in the virtual gallery. What will be the gender of the baby?

Patrycja and Andrzej Sołtysik are expecting a child! The journalist’s wife is pregnant again. What will be the gender of the child? The 34-year-old has revealed that she and her husband are waiting for a baby and – as she admitted – it is a “private affair (of love and medicine)”. She posted several frames from her pregnancy session in the virtual gallery. She also shared a sincere confession.

I wrote a description for these photos several times and then deleted it… because it’s hard to put into words the emotions and feelings that have been accompanying us for several months. A mixture of enormous joy, love, still disbelief and fear that will probably not disappear until the birth.

It turns out that nine years after Staś’s birth, our family will finally be complemented by the most awaited, fought for and already very loved by his older brother little man. Our private Miracle (of love and medicine).
We’re waiting, baby!

Andrzej Sołtysik and his wife are expecting a child

On April 1, Andrzej Sołtysik’s wife – Patrycja – celebrated her 34th birthday. A few weeks ago, on the occasion of this special holiday, she wrote:

This year, I wish myself, above all, health, strength and fulfillment of dreams

It turns out that my beloved 57-year-old is pregnant! For the Village Heads, this is an important year in which their family will grow. Congratulations.

Patrycja Sołtysik married the journalist in 2015. Their son was born 9 years ago

Let us remind you that the couple met several years ago in Krakow. Their acquaintance turned into love. In May 2015, Patrycja Czop and Andrzej Sołtysik got married. The lovers, who will celebrate their 9th wedding anniversary this year, are raising a son – Stanisław. The boy was born a few months after his parents’ wedding will soon celebrate its 9th birthday.

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