Andy Najar reveals to Luciano Emilio why he says no to the Honduran National Team in qualifying


The talented Honduran soccer player Andy Najar opened up to an old acquaintance, revealing the reasons why he decided in recent months not to be part of the Honduran National Team.

The catracho, who militates in the D.C. United from MLSspoke in a very particular interview made by the remembered former Brazilian striker Luciano Emilio, who stood out in Honduran soccer with the jerseys of the Real Spain and Olympia. In the United States he also did it for DC United.

Do you still have that desire to return to the National Team, as long as they require you? Luciano asked the player from the city of Choluteca, southern Honduras.

“Yes of course. As long as I feel good physically and mentally, 100%, then I will be available for the National Team. I can’t be there or answer a call when I’m not like this, ”Najar began by explaining, making clear his desire to return and explaining the reasons for his absence in the last calls.

He also added: “I am a player who likes to give my best when I go so that people can enjoy themselves, when I feel ready, I will be there”.

Andy was not part of the Bicolor in the final stretch of the octagonal where the Honduran squad finished last in the process towards Qatar 2022; At the time, this situation generated a lot of criticism against the winger, who says that if he is not 100%, he prefers to say no to the national team.

OFFICIAL: Wayne Rooney is the new coach of DC United where Honduran Andy Najar plays

In the last few hours, the catracho received the news that he will be directed at DC United by the former English goalscorer Wayne Rooneya Manchester United legend, and who, in addition to his individual achievements, is remembered for apparently not having a good relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo when they were both “Red Devils”.

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