Yina Calderón’s birthday party ended abruptly: “I find it disrespectful that they lower my tacos”

Yina Calderón in social networks

After having referred to his celebration of his 31st birthday, Yina Calderon He had said that, contrary to what he had done on other occasions, he had planned to go traveling and not have any parties with his friends.

“I want to go on a trip. I don’t party because I literally spend it at parties. I stay at parties, always in guaracha, so I’m tired of parties, and this weekend I have two other parties ”she expressed in recent days.

Nevertheless, the former participant of ‘Protagonists of our TV’ could not resist the desire and, since the afternoon hours of last Tuesday, she began a celebration in her apartmentlocated in an exclusive area of ​​Bogotá.

According to what she herself exposed through her social networks, the meeting got out of hand and the scandal generated a strong conflict with her neighbors, who have stated that they are tired of the noise and the problems that she creates when she is liquored.

“We’re celebrating my birthday, you guys don’t know the scandalous son of a bitch I just had at the reception. I know that, suddenly, tomorrow the people at the reception took videos. They turned off the light, they lowered my heels. Which is legally not allowed… It seems disrespectful to me that they lower my heels and I do know the law”, he stated at first.

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Later, Yina Calderón assured that she herself was in charge of calling the authoritieswho would have agreed with him over and above what the neighbors of his apartment said.

“I got down and put together suck my ass at the reception… I got codes, everything I studied law. The police arrived and said they didn’t have to lower their heels. Tomorrow she will resolve with the administration, because everything in life has a regular course. We are already here following the rumba… This is a family reunion, I could have had a guaracha party, one of those guaracheras and no… If you realize, I’m not drunk, you know me when I’m turned shit *, “he added .

Finally, the controversial businesswoman and network figure reiterated her message to the building’s administration and requested respect for her tastes.

“It doesn’t seem right to me that the administration, of any group, lowers the heels to the people. ANDThat’s not good, because people are having a good time… Let them enjoy themselves, they came to life to enjoy themselves”, he concluded.

Through a live broadcast, the woman from Huila was dispatched against those who think about her problems, even though she warned that the more they talk about her, the higher her economic income.

After that, Calderón referred to some of the influencers or public figures with whom he has had problems and fightsamong these Epa Colombia, La Liendra, Lina Tejeiro and Andrea Valdiri.

“You are some dumb motherfuckers who don’t even know you, it’s the truth! If you ask me about La Liendra, (I say that she) she is a scumbag son of a bitch and she is a conceited; I can’t tell you anything about Dani Duke because I don’t know her, nor about Andrea Valdiri, who I don’t know either, although she names me and names me. And I do know Epa, but she fell out because she doesn’t even give a photo to the children, who are the most important thing (…) I’m not going to talk about Lina Tejeiro because I feel like we’ve already made passes, “she concluded .


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