why Galkin sent Pugachev to Russia alone

The other day Alla Pugacheva noticed in one of the Moscow airports. The prima donna was alone, without a husband Maxim Galkinwho most likely stayed with the children in Latvia.

“Max is having a summer chess. Against the backdrop of all the hype – the halls are packed. Galkin now needs to earn not only for Alla, but also for children to study. They study at the 1st Moscow Gymnasium. They pay around three million rubles a year for their studies. And where to get them, ”said the secular journalist Felix Grozdanov in a commentary to the publication. PROZVEZD.

The reporter also noted that Galkin’s statements about everything that happens in the world simply do not fit in the head.

“I was amazed at his arrogance. It would have been wiser of him to remain silent. Because he has a wife, children, a house here. After all his words, the attitude towards him in Russia is negative. He probably thinks that time will pass, everything will calm down, it will be forgotten. I assure you, nothing will be forgotten,” Grozdanov said.

On channel “Star dust” do not spare celebrities. They collect all the most interesting things about those who are heard.

Recall that in the near future Galkin has scheduled concerts in Latvia, Turkey, European countries, and in the autumn – in Australia and New Zealand.

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