Artists mourn the son of George Wassouf, and the artist announces the dates of burial and receiving condolences News

Arab artists mourned the death of Wadih, the son of their fellow Syrian artist, George Wassouf, who passed away yesterday evening, Friday, while Wassouf announced – through his accounts on the communication sites – the dates of burial and the places where mourners would receive.

Wadih Wassouf died – yesterday evening, Friday – in Mariusef Hospital in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, after his health deteriorated, following complications from an operation he had performed a few days ago.

Wadih entered the hospital on December 27 to undergo a gastric bypass operation, and after the operation he returned home, but then he suffered stomach bleeding, so he was transferred to the hospital, where he passed away a few days later.

Wassouf collapsed, crying heartily while receiving condolences for his son Wadih, today, Saturday, in the “Marnegoula Ashrafieh” church in Lebanon, saying, “The tears of my eyes are gone, the tears of my eyes and my heart are gone.”

In contrast to the consolation that was held today, George Wassouf announced – through the communication sites – the dates of the burial of his late son, and the places where he would receive mourners, starting from the seventh of January until the 14th of this month.

According to George, the body of his son will be buried in his family’s cemetery tomorrow, Sunday, in the town of Kafroun in Homs (central Syria), after praying for him in the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas in Ashrafieh in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, on the same day.

Wadih had published his last photo with his father – through his Instagram account – about two weeks ago, and commented on it, saying, “Happy birthday to my father, my brother, my best friend and my backbone, I love you.”

And he stood out Marking # Wadih_George_Wassouf – who topped the Lebanese platforms – as Arab artists and media figures took the initiative to mourn Wassouf, expressing their grief over the death of the son of “Sultan Al Tarab”, through their official accounts.

The Syrian artist Asala offered condolences to Souf on the death of his son, praying to God to inspire his father and mother patience.

The Lebanese artist Ragheb Alama also expressed his shock at the tragic death of Wadih Wassouf, saying, “Harsh news, painful news, tragic news.”

The Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram, the Egyptian artist Yousra, and the Lebanese singer Marwan Khoury also called him.

The eldest son of the Syrian artist

It is worth noting that Wadih is the eldest son of the Syrian artist, from his first wife, Shalimar – with whom he had a civil marriage in the French capital, Paris – after her family refused this connection, and he gave birth to Wadih, Hatem and George Junior.

After that, Wassouf married the rally champion, Nada, who is of Palestinian origin and holds Turkish citizenship through her mother, and she gave birth to their daughter, Oyoun.

George Wassouf’s last appearance was in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, during the celebration of the New Year’s Day, where he performed a huge concert entitled “Trio Night”, along with many music stars from the Arab world, as part of the activities of the Riyadh entertainment season.

Source : Al Jazeera + Sanad Agency + Social Media

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