Angela Price Opens Up About Her Recent Tumor Removal: A Reminder to Get Your Skin Checked

2023-09-14 02:46:37

Carey Price’s wife, Angela, recently had a tumor removed from her groin.

This is what she revealed in a series of “stories” published on her Instagram account on Wednesday.

The American said she consulted a dermatologist to have a mole that recently appeared on the inside of one of her thighs examined. It was actually a tumor.

“I had it removed. It then came back in the form of melanoma and it was deep enough that it could have spread to my lymph nodes,” explained the wife of the Montreal Canadiens goalie.

«[Le médecin] told me the risk of spread is only about 12%. So I’m quite confident,” she added.

Angela Price will now have to wait a period of five to seven days to find out if cancer has been detected.

“I’m not looking for sympathy. Like I said, there’s only a 12% chance of it spreading. I feel good, but it was just a quick reminder if you need to get your skin checked.”

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