“Angels and Archangels: Divine Guidance for Each Zodiac Sign”

2023-05-29 12:37:51

Angels and archangels manifest themselves in many ways and at various times. Open your heart and fill yourself with the energy that they emanate when we invoke them to thank or to illuminate your path.


Archangel Sitael

You are carrying things with a lot of anxiety and that does not let you think coldly how to solve the problems that arise. Calm and sanity so that you reflect and can move on. Ask the angel Sitael for much wisdom and patience.


Archangel Elemiah

Do not let yourself be overcome by fear and do not fill your heart with grudges because you hurt yourself. Life is one and you must enjoy it with the good and the bad. Invoke the angel Elemiah who will be by your side to illuminate you with his light and fill you with goodness.


Archangel Lelahel

Don’t let egos keep you from your loved ones. Everyone applauds your success, but you don’t want to lose the generosity of your heart. Life compensates you for all the kindness towards your loved ones. Ask the angel Lelahel for love and wisdom to follow your path.


Archangel Haziel

You are going through a very hard stage with your partner. Lost understanding and sanity. It is time to seek reflection and reconciliation. Differences are always resolved with calm and sanity. Ask the angel Haziel to enlighten you and guide you on the way.


Archangel Mebahel

Sometimes you feel that life has not been fair and that you have to juggle to achieve what you set out to do. Patience is a virtue that you must have to see the fruits of your harvest. The angel Mebahel will be with you to help you get ahead.


Archangel Hariel

You are at your best stage of creativity and that will help you get out of that disappointment that is spinning in your head so much. The past must be left behind and amend the errors is for wise people, so go ahead. Ask the angel Hariel to be by your side and help you heal wounds.


Archangel Hekamiah

You need harmony and peace in your home and the only way to achieve this is to seek understanding and forgiveness among all. Nothing can more than love and generosity, search the depths of your heart. The angel Hekamiah will be with you to help you find your way.


Archangel Nelchael

You had a very difficult time with your partner, but they have overcome all the obstacles and now they are back on the path of love. Respect and trust is the key to moving forward. Invoke the angel Nelchael to be by your side with his divine light and grant you the peace you need.


Archangel Melahel

Don’t let problems overwhelm you. Find a moment of reflection and take actions to resolve them. Nothing can stop you. You are strong and firmness will be the key to making the right decisions. The angel Melahel protects you and fills you with energy so that you follow the path you must travel.


The archangel Yerathel

You have to soften your heart because the family needs your generosity and kindness. Yes, mistakes have been made, but it’s time to make amends and move on. Ask the angel Yerathel to illuminate you with his divine light.


Archangel Reyel

You are a fighter and you do not allow anything or anyone to stop you from achieving the objectives. Love with what you do things will help you get ahead. Invoke the angel Reiyel to accompany you and give you strength and firmness to keep moving forward.


Archangel Lecabel

You have joy in your heart because love came into your life. Don’t allow others to damage what you had to build with so much effort. Differences are resolved by talking, that way there will be harmony. The angel Lecabel is here to give you strength and wisdom to face whatever happens from now on.

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