“Independiente Medellín suffers 2-0 defeat against América in Betplay League 1-2023 semifinals”

2023-05-29 11:27:56


Independiente Medellín was complicated in the semifinal home runs of the Betplay League 1-2023. His 2-0 defeat last night at the Pascual Guerrero stadium in Cali, against América, ended up leaving him in the last position of Group B with one point, the same as Boyacá Chicó, who lost to Millonarios 1-0 on Saturday.

The expulsion of the central defender Andrés Cadavid, at minute 73 and when the game was even, was the breaking point for the local team to make a difference against the Antioquia team, which, under the direction of former soccer player Sebastián Botero, added five dates without losing.

At 79′, the newly admitted Adrián Ramos was in charge, after a great header and after a corner kick executed by Luis Sánchez, to open the scoring. And when the second minute of the complementary period was played, Cristian Darío Barrios beat goalkeeper Andrés Mosquera Marmolejo to seal his team’s victory.

To highlight, the good role of Daniel Torres in the face of the little creation of the game by men like Déinner Quiñones and Andrés Felipe Ibargüen. Torres was the balance, on the right, left and in the center in the initial part in the initial stage.

The first dangerous arrival of the DIM came practically at minute 28, after a corner kick, Jaime Alvarado headed and goalkeeper Diego Novoa cleared.

But also, if América did not convert the Mighty One in that period, it was thanks to the efficiency and good reflexes of the goalkeeper Mosquera Marmolejo, who later could do nothing in the face of his rival’s superiority in attack and numbers, now the leader with 4 units, the same what millionaires

The DIM will have to correct errors and look for alternatives to go out in search of the three points this Wednesday when they visit Boyacá Chico (6:15 pm); That day, at 8:30 p.m., at the El Campín stadium, Millos received the Valle del Cauca team.


2- America

Technician: Alexandre Guimarães.

Players: Diego Novoa; Esneyder Mena, Kevin Andrade, Brayan Córdoba, Edwin Velasco, Felipe Mosquera (Luis Sánchez, 74′), Camilo Portilla, Darwin Quintero (Gustavo Carvajal, 88′), Cristian Barrios, Andrés Sarmiento (Adrián Ramos, 62′) and Facundo Suárez .

Goals: Adrián Ramos (79′) and Cristian Barrios (92′).

0- Medellín

Technician: Sebastian Botero.

Players: Andrés Mosquera Marmolejo; Jonathan Marulanda, Víctor Moreno, Andrés Cadavid, Daniel Londoño (Yulián Gómez, 46′), David Loaiza (Jhon Palacios, 76′), Jaime Alvarado, Daniel Torres (Andrés Ricaurte, 56′), Déinner Quiñones (Juan David Arizala, 56 ‘), Andrés Ibargüen and Díber Cambindo (Luciano Pons, 56).

Goals: did not.

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92′: America’s goal. Cristian Darío Barrios converted.

90′: four minutes of replacement.

85′: DIM tries to react but is controlled by América. Novoa shows confidence in his goal. Two other cautioned in the paisa team, Jonathan Marulanda and Jaime Alvarado.

79′: America’s goal. Adrián Ramón converts with his head.

72′: DIM is left with 10 players, Andrés Cadavid receives a red card after a foul on Darwin Quintero.

70′: with the changes it made, Medellín begins to have more of the ball, but it lacks more offensive presence.

65′: the game is still tied; DIM’s central defender, Andrés Cadavid, saw a yellow card for a dangerous play.

60′: Three minutes after the DIM changes, the Antioquia team began to reach the rival goal with danger with Andrés Ricaurte and Luciano Pons.

50′: Darwin Quintero continues to be the different player on the team, narrowly scoring for his team. He costs the DIM players to stop him. Daniel Torres received a yellow card.

The complementary period begins

45′: they give a minute of replacement. In a mistake by Daniel Torres, Quintero forgave the DIM.

40′: Ibargüen and Déinner Quiñones seek to unbalance the DIM, but the defenders of the Red Devils prevent it, even with fouls.

35′: the match is still tied. In the last 5 minutes the game has been cut off due to constant fouls. Mena (América) and Cambindo (DIM) were shown yellow cards. If Quintero stands out in the local squad, Daniel Torres, from midfield, gives balance to his team.

30′: Luis Felipe Mosquera (América) is ambitious, he has shot three times from medium distance, but without the desired forcefulness. The goalkeeper Marmolejo has been focused. The DIM is also dangerous from set pieces, but gives advantages when attacking. The Cali team looks strong in the counterattack.

25′: América has 69% possession of the ball, but lacks efficiency when it reaches the rival area. Carlos Darwin Quintero is the most dangerous man in the game, it is clear with his assists, like the one he gave to Facundo Suárez, that he could not accurately define.

20′: there is concern on the DIM bench. This has to do with the fact that Daniel Londoño had to make a double effort on the left wing to stop the attack by full-back Esneyder Mena. Edwin Velasco shot, and was attentive to control the goalkeeper Andrés Mosquera Marmolejo.

15′: corner kick in favor of América, who is more insistent to open the scoring. He controls the cast of Antioquia well.

10′: America is saved after a free kick and subsequent header.

7′: DIM appears orderly when the rival team attacks, but at the start, faced with pressure, he does not have the confidence to generate play.

3′: first approximation of America. Carlos Darwin Quintero is unbalancing, next to Esneyder Mena.

1′: The duel between reds is already playing at the Pascual Guerrero Olympic stadium. Independiente Medellín kicked off.

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