Anies Watches Nidji at JIS: His voice is melodious, not discordant


Last night, Nidji’s band performed at the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS), North Jakarta (Jakut). Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan witnessed the band performing the song Laskar Pelangi directly.

Judging by Anies’ upload on Facebook, Nidji appeared at JIS for a test run sound system international standard stadium. From some of the photos uploaded, Anies seemed to witness Nidji’s performance with a number of people, including JIS workers.

“Spectacular! Watching Nidji’s band perform during the trial sound system JIS yesterday, “said Anies on Facebook as seen, Monday (17/1/2022).

On that occasion, Anies also reviewed the development of the FIFA-standard stadium. He then praised Nidji’s appearance.

“The music is blaring, the voice is melodious, there are no discordance,” he said Anies.

For information, the vocalist of the band Nidji was originally Giring Ganesha. However, his decision to enter politics by joining the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) led to Yusuf Ubay’s current position being replaced.

Previously reported, the construction of the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) has reached 93.85%. Although the construction has not been completed, the JIS area can be visited by the general public until March 2022.

“So this activity will take place from today more or less until March,” said JIS Project Manager from PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro) Arry Wibowo to reporters, Friday (14/1).

People who want to visit JIS can register first by accessing the link Visits are only open every Tuesday at 15-17.00 WIB.

Arry said, this activity is a form of enthusiasm Anies Baswedan so that JIS development can be seen by various levels of society.

“Because of the governor’s enthusiasm for development, you can feel the echo of the same information reaching the community, to the lowest roots,” he said.

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