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Anne Heche I had been almost out of the limelight for a while. She was still a star and people stopped her on the street and she asked for her autographs, sadly she was also cannon fodder for the tabloid media that recorded her drinking and the occasional scandal. Today, at the age of 53, a week after suffering a spectacular traffic accident, Heche passed away.

It was very bad and the prognosis was fatal. He had been in a coma for several days and had burns on his body after crashing his car into a house.

Heche became famous on television, in that American soap opera format that seems to never end, with her role as Vicky Hudson and Marley Love in the soap opera Another World, for which she won an Emmy. But she wanted to make movies. In 1983 she made The Adventures of Huck Finn, a Disney film.

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However, she continued to navigate television with appearances in telefilms and series, until in 1995 she starred with Joan Chen and Christopher Walken in The Wild Side, a drama with an erotic tint, which made her be taken into account for more auditions for the big screen. . Precisely between 1995 and 1997 achieved one of the best highlights in his career working with Robert de Niro on the politically tinged satire Wag the Dog; the horror film I Know What They Did Last Summer and being part of the Ellen series (with his former girlfriend Ellen DeGeneres).

the stumble

In 1998, he starred in the adventure comedy Six Days, Seven Nights with Harrison Ford. and was ready to take more risks in film.

Perhaps that led her to accept director Gus Van Sant’s invitation to participate in a new version of the classic Psycho, which Alfred Hitchcock elevated to a classic. But reprising the role of Marion Crane, immortalized by Janet Leight, was a mistake. The tape was destroyed by critics and Anne Heche, it did not shine again.

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Television and independent cinema opened their arms to him after the failure of Psychosis. So she kept busy in that part of the industry. In 2001 she had a recurring role on the series Ally McBeal, starring Calista Flockhart and Portia di Rossi, the latter of which she ended up married to Ellen DeGeneres.

Anna Heche previously had an affair with Steve Martin and had two children, one with cameraman Coleman Laffon and one with James Tupper.

Anne Heche’s life was not easy. She said that her father abused her in her childhood. and lost her brothers when she was young. She had mental health problems and had to be treated on several occasions.

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Acting helped her bear the burdens, but Hollywood was the scene of much criticism of her role as a celebrity. The traffic accident led to Heche’s death in a painful end to a star that could not shine anymore.


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