another relative left the house and they confirmed if there was a plot

At another special gala in Big Brother, another of the relatives he had to leave the house, this time by public choice after yesterday, within the reality show, they voted for the elimination of Fabian, Romina’s nephew.

In this case, the eliminated was Florencia, Camila’s twin sister. The participant took it easy, beyond the euphoric farewell greeting. Got 50% of the votes from the people.

Before, the saved were Rodolfo (Nacho’s father), Camila (Juliet’s sister) Gladys (Lucilla’s mother) and Valentina (Mark’s sister).

So that in the house they did not speculate with the order of the votes, the four who were still in the reality show had their names on an envelope that they were revealing randomly. In this way, they did not know who were the least voted.

The next eliminations of the remaining familiars will be the sunday, monday and tuesday. The last one to leave the house (the least voted to leave) will have their competing family member get the leadership of the week

there was no plot

The production closely followed a talk prior to the nominations where a possible plot between Florencia (Camila’s sister) and Nacho. The clip went viral on social networks and raised suspicions.

In the full clipping, it was shown that actually they were chatting about independenta club where Florencia saves and they were not making reference to the game, so Big Brother determined that there was no plot.

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