Doctor Carolina Herrera revealed how she faced her ex-husband after learning of his infidelity: she made a drastic decision

An intense situation was the one that will be exposed this Tuesday by Dr. Carolina Herrera, who will be the star guest in the new chapter of Juego Textual.

During the conversation with the panelists, the specialist who gained popularity for her TV appearances during the pandemic recalled how she found out that her ex-husband was unfaithful to her.

According to his story, the man was exposed thanks to an email.

“We had an email in common, and I receive an email that says ‘dear doctor, I’m sorry about what happened with the doctor’s ticket, see you.’ And the doctor was not me, ”she will recount. Then, after finding blonde hair in his car, she made the decision to do a DNA test to confirm his suspicions.

furious reaction

But that’s not all, because later she faced her husband in a very peculiar way.

“One morning, at 7 AM, at my house I take the car, a jeep, and I say ‘Are you with someone else?’, he says ‘No’, and I back the jeep and crash it against the pillar of my home. I tell him ‘Tell me the truth’, ‘No, I’m not with anyone’, he backs off again, second crash. Third time, ‘Are you with someone?’. ‘No, and you’re being very strange,’ he tells me. I tell him ‘At 6 in the afternoon all your things will be on the sidewalk, and on Monday we will see each other at the lawyer’ ”, he will remember.

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