Anthony the bearded man at heart says that Pranavaro has never made him feel like the son of Lullaby

2024-01-28 14:55:00

Hridiya was a 2022 film written and directed by Vineeth Srinivasan. This was also the film that was turned into a youth festival in theaters after Covid. The film also won the Kerala State Film Award for Popular Film.

The film featured Pranav Mohanlal, Kalyani Priyadarshan and Darshana Rajendran in the lead roles and Aswat Lal played the role of Anthony Thadikaran.

Now Aswat is talking about Pranav Mohanlal in an interview given to Django Space TV as part of the promotion of his new film.

The actor was answering a question about how he brought chemistry with Pranam in the film Hridiya and whether he felt any fear while acting with Mohanlal’s son.

Aswat said that Pranav never made it seem that he is Mohanlal’s son and he behaved very freely here. So the actor says that he was able to stay there.

Aswat added that there was no ice-breaking moment between them because there was nothing to break.

‘Pranav has never made it seem that he is Laleton’s son. Pulli behaved very freely here. So I was able to stay there as well. There was no ice breaking moment between us. Because there was nothing to break,’ says Aswat Lal.

LLB is Aswath’s latest film to hit the theaters. Apart from Aswat Lal, Sreenath Bhasi, Lalu Alex, Sudheesh and Visakh Nair will also be seen in the lead roles in the film.

A.M. The film is directed by Siddique and produced by Mujeeb Randathani. LLB is composed by Bijibal.

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