Antoine Gervais, Director of Swissport: “We are taking action to maintain jobs”

Pay cut of up to CHF 1,200 a month, weeks that drop from 40 to 41.25 hours, fewer vacations … Working conditions are deteriorating, employees of Swissport, a support company, said. on the ground of airlines, in demonstrations in Cointrin Tuesday and Thursday. They believe that the pandemic does not justify such measures and want to benefit from a Collective Labor Agreement (CCT), the last having expired in October. Their eyes are on Antoine Gervais, the director of Swissport in Geneva. He gave us an interview.

“Le Temps”: How do you react to the anger of your employees?

Antoine Gervais: The sector is in an existential crisis, we have never experienced such a level of collapse in demand. We have lost 75% to 80% of our income. Swissport in Geneva has lost more than a million francs a month since the start of the crisis, and in Zurich it is more than double. The companies are asking us to reduce costs. However, salaries represent 80% of our costs. Unfortunately, this is where we have to act, and on our productivity. Employees have until Jan. 28 to sign new, market-compliant contracts that go into effect on June 1. They relate to the survival of Swissport in Geneva.

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