Appeal for Freedom: Citizens Stand in Solidarity with Al-Rizq Tribe to Pardon Imprisoned Muhammad bin Mursal Al-Rizq

2023-09-19 21:42:46

Al-Marsad newspaper: Social media pioneers circulated a new video clip from another angle of a sit-in and a stand by citizens from the Al-Rizq tribe to appeal to their cousins, Al-Sanij Al-Rizq, to ​​pardon and free the neck of Muhammad bin Mursal Al-Rizq, a prisoner in a murder case in Najran.

The video showed two citizens throwing the shemagh on the ground, while the elderly person cried after throwing the shemagh.

Footage from the video showed a number of citizens sitting on the ground and placing their shemaghs and clothes in front of them on the ground, while dozens of citizens of the tribe surrounded them.

The video showed the citizens chanting some phrases with which they appealed to their cousins, the Sunnij Al Rizq family, for pardon and the freedom of the slave of Muhammad bin Mursal Al Rizq.

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