Apple Battersea to open in London this month

2023-06-02 12:12:16

The capital of England, Londonis about to win a new apple storelocated in the old Battersea Thermal Power Station — where the Cupertino giant will also inaugurate its next headquarters.

Call Apple Batterseathe inauguration of the unit will take place on 15th of June — in less than two weeks, then. The opening of this store was even mentioned yesterday by journalist Mark Gurman in an extensive schedule about openings, renovations and changes in other stores.

According to disclosed by the profile Grandteller/Philipa facade has already been placed where the store is installed, which shows the slogan “Let’s build something” (“Let’s build something”, in direct translation).

As usual, the company has already disclosed some sessions do Today at Apple that will take place in the store after the inauguration and also provided a themed wallpaper for iPhone, iPad and Mac [JPG].

As remembered by The Apple Postthe former power plant underwent extensive renovations to convert the building into a commercial development — one that also accommodates offices and even homes.

However, Apple has yet to confirm when its new corporate headquarters will open there – but that was expected sometime earlier this year. We’ll see if, with the opening of Apple Battersea, this finally happens.

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