“Aquarius Weekly Horoscope: May 29 – June 4, 2023 – Protecting Your Mind and Setting Limits”

2023-05-30 10:54:00

From May 29 to June 4, 2023

You have to take care of yourself, Aquarius, you have to think a little more about yourself, you have to make it clear to certain people what you want and how far you want to go with them. And yes, you will have to set certain limits. And put them as soon as possible because if not, who ends up suffering as always, it’s you.

Try to protect your mind a little, in stressful situations or in stages of great madness you can get a little out of control and in the end, it takes its toll and there is a high price to pay. Now you know. You know yourself a lot, you have matured this time ago, perhaps with sticks, yes, but you know that when something is not going, it is better to stop it a little, do not self-sabotage or let your mind play any tricks on you now.

Remember Aquarius, trodden past, ok? But above all, ACCEPTED. You’ve screwed up, yes, a million times, and you’re not a saint either, but at least, you always try to have “good intentions” in each of the things you do, even if you accidentally mess it up later…

A call, a meeting or an important meeting will change things a lot, they will offer you something very interesting. You deserve good things Aquarius, receive and be thankful. There is a person who can make you feel a little overwhelmed, it’s not that you don’t like him, but sometimes his energy absorbs yours too much. And somehow, you’re going to have to dodge this if you don’t want to end up blowing up at the end. Because believe me you will end up doing it.

Remember that envy is still there, and when they see you do things well and somehow succeed or get out of the hole, it seems that it bothers them. How can people be so mean? How can such people continue to exist at this point in life? Well yes Aquarius, there are people who still live for and to fuck the rest. And more than one will want you to lose your mind again, so that you lower your defenses, so that they can play with your mind. What happens is that now you play with advantage. You’ve been through that before. And you are on another level. Happy week.


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