Tourists from Middle East and Gulf Countries Celebrate Erdogan’s Victory in Taksim Square

2023-05-30 09:48:54

Cajil Kasapoglu – BBC Turkish, from Istanbul

Crowds gathered in Istanbul’s Taksim Square after President Erdogan declared his victory.

Among those who celebrated Erdogan’s third term in power were many tourists, mostly from the Middle East and Gulf countries.

The Palestinian visitors stood with Turkish flags on their shoulders, while others from Oman, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia expressed their admiration for Erdogan “as one of the world’s best leaders.”

Copyright: Alaa Nassar

“He has made a lot of improvements in his country, and he also supports the Arabs and the Islamic world,” said Alaa Nassar, who is visiting Istanbul from Tunisia.

Her mother joined in on the conversation, saying, “Yesterday I prayed for him to win.”

Suhaila from Morocco was taking selfies with Erdogan’s supporters in Taksim Square when we approached her and she said, “I’m so happy, because he won.”

A Kosovo family was also happy, saying: “I think he’s a very good person.”

Kosovar Essen added: “Erdogan is our friend.”

Gulshe from Iran also expressed her happiness with Erdogan’s victory: “He is very brave, there are many good things in him, congratulations.”

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