Arab and Islamic Ministerial Committee Calls for Ceasefire in Gaza: Meeting with French President and UN Security Council Members

2023-11-24 02:09:55

Jeddah: Arab, Islamic State calls for complete ceasefire in Gaza The Ministerial Committee of Lamika Rajyas demanded. Members of the UN Security Council and the international community are effective. Britain should take urgent measures for this. The committee held a meeting with the foreign minister. They requested. Various states seek a solution to the Palestine-Israel issue As part of the ongoing tour for consultation with Luma. Under the leadership of Saudi Foreign Minister Amir Faisal bin Farhan The Arab and Islamic Ministerial Committee has arrived in Britain. Sangam to hold industrial meeting with British Foreign Secretary David Cameron The review was conducted.

Egypt, Qatar and the United States for a temporary ceasefire The meeting welcomed the joint mediation efforts. International Law and the Humanitarian Dimension in Palestine The poles must be balanced accordingly. All relevant international issues to reach a ceasefire The members of the ministerial committee asked Britain to act. It is a priority for all Arab and Islamic states. They said yes. On the need to revive the peace process The meeting discussed. Independence resulted in the 1967 border with East Jerusalem as its capital. An international issue related to the bilateral settlement of Stein Justice, permanent and comprehensive, only through the administration of the shepherds. He made it clear that there is a solution.

The committee members are the Deputy Prime Minister of Jordan and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Maya Ayman Alsafadi, Egyptian Foreign Minister Samih Shukri, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki, Turkish Foreign Minister Ntri Hakan Fidan, Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi, Nigeria Foreign Minister Yusuf Maitama Togar, Arab League Secretary Jan. Ral Ahmed Abul Ghaith also West Asia, North Africa, South British Foreign and Commonwealth Office at UN and UN Tariq Ahmed, acting as the representative of Taken. The tour of the committee started in China. After passing through various states, he reached Britain.

Meeting with the French President

Jeddah: Members of the Arab and Islamic Ministerial Committee French Presidency President Emmanuel Macron and Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna conducted by UN Security Council members call for complete ceasefire in Gaza and the international community for effective and immediate action In the meeting, the committee demanded that s.

Humanitarian aid, food, water, fuel and electricity to Gaza They stressed the importance of making corridors safe for injection. Said. and result in an immediate and complete ceasefire. Implement relevant international resolutions on the subject The committee members said that France should play a balanced role. Shot.

Members of the Arab and Islamic Ministerial Committee French President E. With Emmanuel Macron

When the meeting was held

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