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Magaly Medina surprised many by revealing that would be dating the actor Sebastián Monteghirfo, who

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We have received the information that the two of them would be dating and having an affair. So our research bore some fruit”, pointed out the popular ‘Urraca’.

The ATV figure recalled that both Laura Huarcayo as Sebastian Monteghirfo they are separated, so both are free to start a romantic relationship. “This half-mysterious entry into this building makes us suspect even more that they are up to something.”, he narrowed down.

The images give them away:

The cameras of “Magaly TV: La Firme” found several coincidences between the former television host and the actor, and that is that they both enter the same building, almost at the same time and park their vehicles next to each other.

This is not everything. The production of the program also received images of Laura Huarcayo and Sebastián Monteghirfo eating together in a restaurant in Miraflores. According to the person who sent the images, these would have been taken in February.


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