News Ariana Grande shares victorious memories of the show's 10th...

Ariana Grande shares victorious memories of the show’s 10th anniversary


Ariana Grande celebrated the 10th anniversary of her teen sitcom Victorious by remembering the experience as some of the “special years” of her life.

The pop superstar started her career on Broadway, but became famous after playing Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon show, which ran for four seasons from 2010.

Victorious, created by Dan Schneider, plays at a school for the performing arts in Hollywood and focuses on an aspiring singer who is portrayed by Victoria Justice with co-stars such as Daniella Monet, Leon Thomas III and Matt Bennett.

Grande went to Instagram to share a series of relapse photos from her time on the show after reading a similar post by Monet and getting emotional.

“Ten years victorious,” she began. “daniela’s post has really made me feel so sorry now, but … i just want to say how thankful i will be for being on this show and for these years of my life. i could not I spent my teenage years with a better, funnier, more talented group of people. I really loved playing Cat Valentine (sic) … “

Ariana, who also appeared in a short-lived Sam & Cat spin-off, remembered that she “got into trouble” with her friends on set and “didn’t want to laugh” in more dramatic scenes, and confessed that she even missed it would have. “Wake up with dye-stained pillows,” thanks to the red hair treatment she had to go through for her character.

“Thank you @danwarp (Schneider) and my cast colleagues for some of the special years of my life and for bringing us all into each other’s lives,” she concluded. “happy anniversary!”

Ariana’s sweet show tribute prompted old buddy Justice to comment, “Such a special time. Memories that I will always cherish. I love you (sic),” while Monet added, “I love you and this and everything we shared. So special years “.


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