Ariel Holan’s Struggles in the National Championship: Is it Time for a Coaching Change?

2023-07-17 13:29:34

National Championship

Jorge Contreras stated that Ariel Holan can’t find a way back either offensively or defensively from the crossed cast, so the leadership must be brave and fire him.

© JOSE ROBLES/PHOTOSPORTAriel Holan fails to reach the UC stars with his message

Catholic University lost 2-0 against Curicó Unido in the National Championship and left the technician on the tightrope ariel holanwho fell for the third consecutive game in a demonstration of the complex moment that crosses the cross box.

Jorge Contreras, emblem of Universidad Católica in the 80s and 90s, stated that the leadership must take drastic measures with the trans-Andean strategist, because the game exhibited in Maule was very poor.

“Apparently it does not give for more. The team that stopped and the way they tried to play seems very strange to me, ”he began by analyzing a conversation with Redgol. He added that “there were practically four forwards, but with functions that were not attacking. And that line of four caught my attention, which looked like a line of three”.

That is why he is emphatic in pointing out that “apparently the players do not believe the coach very much. There is little creation, no one takes the reins of the team to make it work, none of those who were on the field, there are no offensive situations, you can’t get there.

Curicó lunged at Ariel Holan in the tournament (Photosport)

He also exemplified the play that cost UC 1-0. “The penalty was silly, because Kagelmacher pushed the striker who had his back to goal,” he confessed.

Because of this, it indicates that the coach must leave. “As football is, the most logical thing is for the Holan cycle to end. I don’t know if Católica, because it has a good image, doesn’t make that determination, but after this it is clear that there is no answer. And that is because the coach does not reach the players”, concluded Coke.

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