Arne finally got his Arne pension: Half a century on the floor was celebrated with pranks and robber stories

“Now it’s Arne’s turn.” The words were written on election posters and bus stops throughout Denmark when Arne Juhl became the face of the Social Democrats’ election campaign in 2019. We were with the brewery worker from Southern Jutland at a pub when it was actually his turn, and after 48 grueling years on the floor he finally got it pension scheme to which he himself has put his name.

Carl Buhr [email protected]


  • Five years after Arne became nationally known as the face of the Social Democrats’ prestige project, it has actually been his turn. On Wednesday, Arne could celebrate his Arne pension. Photo: Mads Dalegaard.

  • Arne03

    Arne didn’t look back for a split second when he left the huge brewery for the last time on Wednesday afternoon. Photo: Mads Dalegaard

  • Arne04

    The moment was immortalized when Arne hugged the country’s prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, during the Social Democrats’ party congress after the election. Photo: Mads Dalegaard

  • Arne01

    Even after 44 years as a brewery worker, Arne has not grown tired of beer. – You never become that, he says. Photo: Mads Dalegaard

  • Arne07

    – It’s not every day you retire. But I damn well hope it will be the last, says Arne and toasts. Again. Photo: Mads Dalegaard

  • Arne05

    It will be difficult to say goodbye to the colleagues, but Arne certainly reckons that they haven’t seen the last of him, even if he doesn’t appear on the roster. Photo: Mads Dalegaard.

  • Arne08

    It has been almost 18 hours since Arne’s alarm clock rang. But it doesn’t seem like he lacks the energy. Photo: Mads Dalegaard.

  • Arne02

    Arne has left the brewery floor for the last time. Photo: Mads Dalegaard

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