Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite exercise to work chest, back and even abs

If there is someone who knows about fitness, it is the Terminator himself, and if there is a favorite exercise for Arnold Schwarzenegger, Of course it will be for something.

Throughout his career, the winner of Mr. Olympia has shared many tips for more effective workouts, gain more muscle mass, avoid errors, etc. But there is only one exercise that is known to be one of his favorites, so much so that even He popularized it back in the 1970s.

For some reason, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite exercise It took a bit of a backseat amid so much newness in the world of fitness and interest has gone from routine to routine, styles or intensity over the years. But now it seems is gaining popularity againand is not for less.

do you know the dumbbell pullover? If you already have experience in the gym, it is probably one of the fixed movements in your routine, but if you are just starting out and did not know it, of course you should add it to your training.

This was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite exercise for years, which he specifically performed on a cross bench. And if it’s done right, It not only serves to work pectorals but also shoulders, abdominals, dorsal and triceps.

In accordance with Cory Gregory, Trainer and nutrition expert, the best thing that anyone who wants to raise their fitness can do is add this movement to their training routine.

Since it works several parts of the body, there may be those who have doubts about which day to add it (When does it touch the back? Chest?). It can include in any daythat’s the least of it, the important thing is to do it.

He performs between 3 and 4 sets of 12 to 20 repetitions, although you can reduce to 8-10 repetitions if it’s too much. The important is not open the elbows During the movement, make sure to stretch your arms and torso well in each repetition, so that the muscles notice it. Do not raise your hips or your head and you should keep the rib cage closed, that is, you should not arch your back.

If the latter is not possible for you, experts recommend not doing the exercise, but you can always turn to the trainers at your gym to perfect the technique until you get it right. When it does, you’ll understand why it was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite exercise and it will be yours too.

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