Arrest and Interception in Theft Case: Uzi Submachine Gun and Ammunition Found

2023-10-23 19:45:54

“On October 21, 2023 around 3:00 a.m., the police were called for a theft from a parked car in rue de Ribaucourt in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean,” explained the prosecution. “When police arrived, two men fled on foot. One man will then be intercepted by the police, the other will escape.

A search was immediately carried out at the arrested individual’s home, with the aim of finding the headlights and mechanical parts which had been stolen from the parked vehicle.

“During the search, several types of ammunition were found as well as a weapon of war and a mobile phone. The man was made available to the Brussels public prosecutor’s office, who referred the matter to an investigating judge. The latter placed the individual under arrest warrant for theft and possession of a prohibited weapon,” detailed the prosecution, specifying that there are, currently, “no elements linked to terrorism” .

According to Sudinfo, the weapon is an Uzi submachine gun. The media also reports that the police got their hands on photos of weapons of war and jihadist propaganda videos, but the prosecution does not confirm this information.

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