Arrest in Dortmund: knife attack in front of a pub Regional

Dortmund – Knife fight in the north of Dortmund…

In front of the Leopoldschänke, the police circled traces of blood with white paint. The road was closed until early morning. At around 3:22 a.m. on Saturday, an argument broke out in front of the pub that could have ended fatally.

Traces of blood on the floor testify to the crime

Photo: Stefan Schejok

Prosecutor Jörg Schulte-Göbel (40) with the details about BILD that were known in the morning: “The people involved in the Leopoldschänke probably drank something, then went out the door and there a dispute broke out between the two people. In any case, one of the two men later had a stab wound in the chest area.”

A neighbor saw the police barricades in front of his window that morning, but wasn’t surprised. He to BILD: “Honestly, there’s something going on here every evening. There is always stress. The staff from the pub are all very nice. But here there is trouble every day. I’m even moving out of here now.”

The victim (27) came to the clinic, had to be operated on, but according to the prosecutor is out of danger. The alleged perpetrator (26) initially piled up, but was then arrested.

Schulte-Göbel continues: “The accused and the injured party have not yet commented on the incident. That’s why we’re still determining the status in all directions.”

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