“Art Phasut” removes insults, opens sales of crispy pork, the best of 7 digits within 1 month

2023-05-30 08:21:14

It is considered another young male protagonist that netizens admire very much for “Art Phasut”, a famous actor. Not ashamed to cook, not disrespecting little money Became a merchant selling crispy pork In front of Mother’s Chili Paste Shop, Ekachai Mahachai Rd.

Recently, the young actor “Art Phasut” has come out to update the business through the program “Expose” on May 29, 2023, ready to say thank you for every curse. Every gossip falls under Until making money reach 7 digits in the last month and tell me about merit From being a volunteer to clean the cemetery Makes me lucky to win the lottery for 3 consecutive draws

Young Art reveals that…”Personally, I think that making merit in the coffin is already a strong charity. But clearing the cemetery Almost the highest merit of helping the dead That’s a huge merit. When I went to clean the cemetery, I won the lottery for 3 draws in a row, I got a lot of fortune”” as I came to sell crispy pork. Someone accused me of losing my job. I thank you for cursing me like this. This month, I have more than 7 digit income in just one month. Because I also have free time, I make second-hand cars, sell license plates, sell crispy pork, and do business related to amulets. legally verifiable Thank you for cursing me to lose my job. I would like to lose a job like this every month.”

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