“Al-Marsad: In-Depth Coverage of Lebanon’s Biggest Drug Dealer and Kidnapping Case Involving Mishary Al-Mutairi”

2023-05-30 08:37:00

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The anchor of Al-Ikhbariya channel said that the investigations indicate that Ali Zuaiter, nicknamed “Abu Basla”, the largest drug dealer in Lebanon, was involved in the kidnapping of the citizen, “Mishary Al-Mutairi” in Beirut.

She explained that Ali Zuaiter is wanted by the justice system and was pursued for about 10 raids, and he was not arrested during these raids.

And she continued: “He used to give drugs to his customers in a basket that he brought from his house towards the street, and that is why he was called Abu Basala.”

She added, “He is currently hiding in the Hermel area, along with a large number of gang members,” noting that the raids are still successive to fully reveal the circumstances of the incident and arrest all those involved.

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