Artists come together in concert to support Chyno

Chyno Miranda
Chyno Miranda fights against the consequences of covid and encephalitis.

A group of artists from different countries came together to raise funds for the health of singer Jesús Miranda, better known as Chyno, affected by peripheral neuropathy as a result of covid-19.

Through a statement published by the musician’s manager, Julius Duchernespread on social networks, it was learned that the artists will offer a concert whose money will be donated to Chyno so that he can continue his treatment.

According to the message, the event will take place on June 8 at the Scala in Brickellin Miami.

In the statement they also detailed that the artists who will perform at the concert are Jerry Di, Victor Drija, Reggi the Authentic, MarkoJonathan Moly, Víctor Muñoz, Nelson Bustamante, Jorge L’Chacín, Maffio, Ronald Borjas, Mermelada Bunch, Cáceres, Sharlene, Beta Mejía, Richard Encanto and Nangel Menez.

«It is no secret to anyone that our friend Chyno has been going through delicate moments of health. He has evolved and put more than 100% of himself into recovering him. However, today we ask you to accompany him on this path so that he can continue to pay for the costs of the recovery process », he read in the statement.

“We count on you this June 8 at the Brickell Scala so that we can raise funds to help Chyno and continue celebrating his life today and always,” the text concludes.

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