Arturo Vidal Rumored Signing: América de Cali on the Edge of History

2024-01-13 03:37:37

América de Cali has all of Colombian football on the edge of its seat. The reason, the possibility of achieving the historic signing of a player from the Chilean’s World Cup career, Arturo Vidal. Although a couple of days ago it seemed almost impossible, to date the directives would go down in history of achieving the contract.

The red box headed by Tulio Gómez, who is the largest shareholder, has moved intelligently to achieve the footballer’s financial goals and according to what he himself said: “At this time, Friday, January 12, 8 pm, we have not yet reached no agreement with Arturo Vidal.”

Arturo Vidal: rumor of signing for América de Cali. | Photo: Vidal: Getty Images / Tulio Gómez: Colprensa – Lina Gasca

Although at first the strength decreased a little upon the arrival of the Chilean, he did not rule it out completely. On the contrary, he said that negotiations continue to reach the final agreement: “having him in América de Cali is what we want most, we will continue working To achieve this, we only need a sponsor and the agent to lower it a little.”

In conversation with Caracol Radio’s Alargue, the largest shareholder, Tulio Gómez, announced a day before: “We have made progress, what happens is that it is an expensive player and we must evaluate all that, we also have a sponsor who wants to support us ”. “It is very difficult because Boca Juniors and Colo Colo are in the fight,” he added.

Arturo Vidal has been approached by América de Cali where he could arrive in 2024 | Photo: Urbanandsport/NurPhoto

Regarding the origin of the extra money, he explained that there was interest from some brands because of the media hit that they can generate: “What happens is that America would not invest all the money, but the sponsors, a large part, the signing would go through something media , , rating and sale of t-shirts.”

“Agents always look for their profits, in this case the negotiation includes 10% for the representative, in our case it would be $100,000 dollars for him, while with Boca’s offer he would be earning double; In our favor we have that Arturo’s girlfriend is from Cali,” Gómez said.

The Gómez family has been leading the América de Cali project for a few years. Tulio Gómez is the largest shareholder and now his daughter Marcela (poses with the trophy) will be the president of the institution. | Photo: El País

Although the signing would be something historic for national football, it has also had its critics, thinking that it is an unnecessary expense for what it would contribute sportingly. When asked, Tulio said that he makes the financial effort because “the sponsors give me that money to hire Vidal, not other players, so we will have to wait.”

What Gómez wrote on his Twitter account is the apparently official message of how everything is going. However, journalists who have followed the business very closely due to the relationship with Vidal, such as Jaime Dinas, wrote almost alongside the club director and assured that there was: “verbal agreement established, medical examination and contract signing are missing. ”.

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